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Billingley Crop Circles

Billingley Crop Circles, Billingley, United Kingdom
    These crop circles are the older ones, from 2003. There isn’t much on the maps today… I am still publishing them in case the ‘aliens’ who made them return again.   Name: Billingley Crop Circles Lat, Long: 53.531694, -1.356778 Location: Billingley, United Kingdom  
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Green Horse

Green Horse, Hengoed, Caerphilly, United Kingdom
    Yet another field art project. Quite beautiful, though a bit unusual, I must say.   Name: Green Horse Lat, Long: 51.650733,-3.25638 Location: Hengoed, Caerphilly, United Kingdom  
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Face of Jesus in Hungary

Face of Jesus in Püspökladány, Hungary
    This farm field features a human face that many believe is an image of Jesus.   Name: Face of Jesus Lat, Long: 47.3467, 21.1145 Location: Püspökladány, Hungary  
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