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Australian Desert Mounds

Australian Desert Mounds, Woomera, South Australia, Australia
  Large indigenous Australian symbols in the desert.   Name: Australian Desert Mounds Lat, Long: -30.912251, 136.542556 Location: Woomera, South Australia, Australia  
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Ushtogay Square

Ushtogay Square, Steppe Geoglyphs, Kazakhstan
  Part of the famous Steppe Geoglyphs of Kazakhstan. More info here.   Name: Ushtogay Square Lat, Long: 50.832943, 65.326308 Location: Ushtogay Square, Kazakhstan  
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Turgay Triradial Swastika

Turgay Triradial Swastika, Steppe Geoglyphs, Amangeldi District, Kazakhstan
  Part of the famous Steppe Geoglyphs of Kazakhstan. More info here.   Name: Turgay Triradial Swastika Lat, Long: 50.102827, 65.361327 Location: Amangeldi District, Kazakhstan  
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Mysterious Arizona Triangle

Mysterious Arizona Triangle , Wittmann, Arizona, USA
    This triangle just off Phoenix does not look like a bomb target at all.   Name: Mysterious Arizona Triangle Lat, Long: 33.745111,-112.633645 Location: Wittmann, Arizona, USA  
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Galloping Horse

Galloping Horse, Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom ‎
    Another strange bedrock chalk carving.   Name: Galloping Horse Lat, Long: 51.101066,1.139552 Location: Folkestone, Kent, United Kingdom ‎  
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Cerne Abbas Giant

Cerne Abbas Giant, Cerne Abbas, Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom
    Carved out bedrock chalk, this ancient and mysterious giant has been known to exist for hundreds of years, probably since 2nd century AD.   Name: Cerne Abbas Giant Lat, Long: 50.81368,-2.474657 Location: Cerne Abbas, Dorchester, Dorset, United Kingdom  
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Mexican White Horse

Mexican White Horse, Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico
    This horse is a little strange, but is peculiar nonetheless. Edit: This is a replica of Uffington White Horse, thanks to the comments below.   Name: Mexican White Horse Lat, Long: 31.662779,-106.587748 Location: Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico  
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