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Paita Oxidation Ponds

Paita Oxidation Ponds, Paita, Peru
    Also known as Lagunas de oxidación de Paita, these ponds look like a set of make-up. They are really sewage water treatment plants and you can read about the process here.   Name: Paita Oxidation Ponds Lat, Long: -5.091183, -81.127049 Location: Paita, Peru  
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Bruce Nuclear Generating Station

Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, Mar, Ontario, Canada
    Bruce Nuclear Generating Station is the largest nuclear facility in the world.   Name: Bruce Nuclear Generating Station Lat, Long: 44.319665,-81.603883 Location: Mar, Ontario, Canada  
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Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant

Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant, Eurajoki, Finland
    Olkiluoto is one of Finland’s two nuclear power plants, the other being the two-unit Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant.   Name: Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant Lat, Long: 61.235413,21.43595 Location:  Eurajoki, Finland  
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Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant

Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant, Seabrook, New Hampshire, USA
    Conspiracy theorists ponder why the structure is pixelated…   Name: Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant Lat, Long: 42.898211,-70.851091 Location: Seabrook, New Hampshire, USA      
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Boeing Plane Field

Boeing Plane Field, Everett, Washington, USA
    Boeing assembles the planes in the building slightly above. The plane field is much more spectacular, though.   Name: Boeing Plane Field Lat, Long: 47.916831,-122.277967 Location: Everett, Washington, USA  
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Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant

Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant, Middletown, Pennsylvania, USA
    There was a partial nuclear meltdown at this plant in 1979, which resulted in a release of 40,000 gallons of radioactive waste water into the Susquehanna River. The accident was later brought under control and the plant is operating today.   Name: Three Mile Island Nuclear Plant...
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Chernobyl Reactor 4 Site

Chernobyl Reactor 4 Site, Prypyat, Kyivska oblast, Ukraine
    Chernobyl Reactor 4 is enclosed with a sarcophagus. The roof, constructed after the disaster, partially collapsed in February 2013. There exist plans to put the structure into a new safe enclosure. More info here.   Name: Chernobyl Reactor 4 Site Lat, Long: 51.389553,30.099147 Location: Prypyat, Kyivska oblast, Ukraine  
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