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Glenwood Power Station

Glenwood Power Station, Yonkers, New York, USA
    Glenwood Power Station, situated in Yonkers, was powering railroads north of Manhattan. Abandoned in the 1960’s.   Name: Glenwood Power Station Lat, Long: 40.951471,-73.899519 Location: Yonkers, New York, USA  
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Bruce Nuclear Generating Station

Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, Mar, Ontario, Canada
    Bruce Nuclear Generating Station is the largest nuclear facility in the world.   Name: Bruce Nuclear Generating Station Lat, Long: 44.319665,-81.603883 Location: Mar, Ontario, Canada  
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Ikata Nuclear Power Plant

Ikata Nuclear Power Plant, Ehime Prefecture, Nishiuwa District, Japan
    This is a nuclear power plant in the town of Ikata in the Nishiuwa District in Ehime Prefecture, Japan.   Name: Ikata Nuclear Power Plant Lat, Long: 33.49073,132.309545 Location:  Ehime Prefecture, Nishiuwa District, Japan  
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Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant

Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant, Lovisa, Finland
    Loviisa Plant is one of Finland’s two nuclear power plants, the other being the Olkiluoto Plant.   Name: Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant Lat, Long: 60.370853,26.346195 Location:  Lovisa, Finland  
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Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant

Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant, Eurajoki, Finland
    Olkiluoto is one of Finland’s two nuclear power plants, the other being the two-unit Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant.   Name: Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant Lat, Long: 61.235413,21.43595 Location:  Eurajoki, Finland  
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