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Manicouagan Reservoir

Manicouagan Reservoir, Rivière-aux-Outardes, Quebec, Canada
    Also called The Eye of Quebec, this reservoir and the lake are located in the remnants of an eroded impact crater, the sixth largest in the world. More info here.   Name: Manicouagan Reservoir Lat, Long: 51.383333, -68.700000 Location: Rivière-aux-Outardes, Quebec, Canada      
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Dariganga Crater

Dariganga Crater, Dariganga, Mongolia
    There are many more craters nearby. Be sure to look around.   Name: Dariganga Crater Lat, Long: 45.435684, 114.697756 Location:  Dariganga, Mongolia  
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Pingualuit Impact Crater

Pingualuit Impact Crater, Quebec, Canada
    The lake Pingualuk located inside the Pingualuit crater.   Name: Pingualuit Impact Crater Lat, Long: 61.277514, -73.662546 Location: Quebec, Canada      
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