Gran Plaza

00       Tikal was one of the largest cities in Mesoamerica, abandoned and rediscovered in 1881. Royal tomb was uncovered in 1962.   Name: Gran Plaza Lat, Long: 17.222183,-89.623595 Location:  Tikal National Park, Tikal, Guatemala   RelatedDry Tortugas USS Utah USS Arizona Memorial Forbidden City Thun Castle

Huanca Pyramid of Caral

+10       This mysterious structure is located in the oldest inhabited settlement in the Americas, Caral. Be sure to look around. More info here.   Name: Huanca Pyramid of Caral Lat, Long: -10.893509,-77.520417 Location: Caral, Peru   RelatedUnderwater Circles in Iceland $90M Ferris Wheel Roadside Plane Parallel Lines in Nigeria Aconcagua

Mount Silyakhta

00       Name: Mount Silyakhta Lat, Long: 58.047467,103.00871 Location: Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia   RelatedMauna Kea Mount K2 K2 Akivi Uffington White Horse

Great Pyramid of Giza

+10       Name: Great Pyramid of Giza Lat, Long: 29.979611,31.134276 Location: Nazlet El-Semman, Al Haram, Giza, Egypt   RelatedWinchester Mystery House Angkor Wat Cahokia Mounds Fort Henricus Basilica San Pietro

Pyramid of the Sun

00       Name: Pyramid of the Sun Lat, Long: 19.692443,-98.843708 Location: Teotihuacan, Mexico   RelatedChichen Itza Palpa Arrow Geoglyph Lotus Temple Galloping Horse Cerne Abbas Giant

Luxor Pyramid in Vegas

00       Name: Luxor Pyramid in Vegas Lat, Long: 36.09532,-115.175799 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA   RelatedEiffel Tower Shwedagon Pagoda Ball Houses Monticello Dam Cloud Gate

Bosnian Pyramids

00       There is a mountain in Bosnia. There a guy, Sam Osmanagić, who believes this is a European Pyramid, just eroded and covered with trees. There are experts who scoff at Osmanagić and say he destroys historic sites with his excavations. More info here. Name: Bosnian Pyramids Lat, Long: 43.978572,18.177867 Location: Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina   RelatedNessie, a Boat,…

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