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Flying Saucer



Name: Flying Saucer

Lat, Long: 32.898047,-96.30007

Location: Royse City, Texas, USA


Flying Saucer, Royse City, Texas, USA

2 thoughts on “Flying Saucer

  1. Jeff DeWitt says:

    That’s actually a house (or was meant to be). I seem to recall that many years ago Popular Science or Popular Mechanics had an article and maybe even building plans for these.

  2. C.W. Fink says:

    I drive by this saucer when I’m in Texas, its between Rockwall and Quinlan. I stopped and went inside about 14 years ago. At that time it still had most of its windows.I heard it used to be an office for a used car lot. About seven years ago someone replaced all the bubble windows and it was supposed to become a hair salon, but it never happened. After that it got vandalized and this is a recent photo. Its a shame because its still a reasonably sound fiberglass structure. I wish I could afford to make an offer on it and move it to my land, it really deserves to be restored. The steps fold up like a drawbridge and there used to be a door, one round room and a small bathroom. I think a fair number of these were manufactured in the 70s.

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