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Sword Fight



Name: Sword Fight

Lat, Long: 40.45761,-80.007731

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


Sword Fight, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

2 thoughts on “Sword Fight

  1. JMM says:

    In the sword fight scene if you look up you find weird floating objects and what looks like rain. Kind of cool. lol

  2. J Fish says:

    Actually, if you click in the first photo on the text that says view in Google Maps, it takes you to that. Notice the image date that shot was taken, 2008 (May specifically) then go up then back down the street (the fight is listed as #35, go go towards the higher #’s a few clicks up the road, then turn around and what do you see? Looking at the history drop down window in the upper left, with the clock on it, and it shows the next image in 2011.

    Pretty cool, eh? Well just in the way that google is also documenting the building of America also.

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