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Airplane Landing

Airplane Landing, Guarulhos Airport, São Paulo, Brazil
    A plane is landing at the busiest airport in Brazil, Guarulhos.   Name: Airplane Landing Lat, Long: -23.440506, -46.494248 Location: Guarulhos Airport, São Paulo, Brazil     [Reported by Silvio Luis Pradi]
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Tiksi West

Tiksi West, Sakha, Russia
    Built in 1960s as a large strategic airfield, it remains abandoned today. It functions were likely assumed by Tiksi Airport.   Name: Tiksi West Lat, Long:  71.692749,128.706887 Location:  Sakha, Russia  
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Tiksi Airport, Russia

Tiksi Airport, Sakha, Russia
    It was built in the 1950s as a staging base for Soviet Long Range Aviation bombers to reach the United States. Situated close to Tiksi, the most northerly settlement with a population of over 5,000.   Name: Tiksi Airport, Russia Lat, Long: 71.700485,128.89545 Location:  Sakha, Russia...
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