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Australian Desert Mounds

Australian Desert Mounds, Woomera, South Australia, Australia
  Large indigenous Australian symbols in the desert.   Name: Australian Desert Mounds Lat, Long: -30.912251, 136.542556 Location: Woomera, South Australia, Australia  
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Mexican White Horse

Mexican White Horse, Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico
    This horse is a little strange, but is peculiar nonetheless. Edit: This is a replica of Uffington White Horse, thanks to the comments below.   Name: Mexican White Horse Lat, Long: 31.662779,-106.587748 Location: Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico  
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Fachi, Niger
    This strange stone formation in the desert has the name of the nearby village.   Name: Fachi Lat, Long: 18.099949,11.569614 Location: Niger  
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Mano del Desierto

Mano del Desierto, Antofagasta, Chile
    Constructed in 1992 by the Chilean sculptor Mario Irarrázabal.   Name: Mano del Desierto Lat, Long: -24.15855,-70.156476 Location: Antofagasta, Chile  
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Peruvian Desert Signs

Peruvian Desert Signs, Chimbote, Peru
    More weird signs in the Peruvian desert. Look around to find more of these signs.   Name: Peruvian Desert Signs Lat, Long: -9.038786,-78.58071 Location: Chimbote, Peru    
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Desert Compass

Desert Compass, Estacion San Jose, Peru
    Someone went through a lot of trouble to create a compass in the sand. Not the Incas, I guess… Make sure to zoom out a bit and look around. Lots of interesting stuff there.   Name: Desert Compass Lat, Long: -16.575223,-71.801314 Location: Estacion San Jose, Peru    
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