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Mysterious Stripes

Mysterious Stripes, Buryatia, Russia
    These may be just farm fields,  or maybe not.   Name:Mysterious Stripes Lat, Long: 50.60465,105.636879 Location: Buryatia, Russia    
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Jesus in Pennsylvania

Jesus in Washington, Pennsylvania, USA
      It used to say “Deport Obama!” before. Now it has Jesus’ name.   Name: Jesus in Pennsylvania Lat, Long: 40.220288,-80.34379 Location: Washington, Pennsylvania, USA  
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Face of Jesus in Hungary

Face of Jesus in Püspökladány, Hungary
    This farm field features a human face that many believe is an image of Jesus.   Name: Face of Jesus Lat, Long: 47.3467, 21.1145 Location: Püspökladány, Hungary  
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Luecke Farm

Luecke Farm, Smithville, Fayette, TX, USA
    There is a Texan who is so very proud of his name that he cut some bush and trees down in an inventive way. So inventive NASA uses his creation. More info here.   Name: Luecke Farm Lat, Long: 30.086771,-97.148151 Location: Luecke Farm, Smithville, Fayette, TX  
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Farm Animals’ Crop Circles

Farm Animals' Crop Circles, Fosse Way, Holt, Worcestershire, UK
    These British animals are quite very creative, indeed! Name: Farm Animals’ Crop Circles Lat, Long: 52.250788,-2.250336 Location: Fosse Way, Holt, Worcestershire, UK
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