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Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto, Minas de Riotinto, Huelva, Spain
    This unusual river is very acidic and red in colour due to dissolved iron. There is also a mine down there. More info here.   Name: Rio Tinto Lat, Long: 37.703601,-6.603344 Location: Minas de Riotinto, Huelva, Spain  
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Udachnaya Pipe

Udachnaya Pipe, Mirninsky District, Sakha, Russia
    Udachnaya Pipe is kimberlite pipe diamond deposit, over 600 feet deep. It is the third deepest open-pit mine in the world after Bingham Canyon Mine and Chuquicamata.   Name: Udachnaya Pipe Lat, Long: 66.433333,112.316667 Location:  Udachnaya Pipe,  Mirninsky District, Sakha,  Russia  
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Chuquicamata, Calama, Antofagasta, Chile
    Chuquicamata, or “Chuqui”, is by excavated volume the largest copper open-pit mine is the world. It is the second largest open-pit mine in the world, after Bingham Canyon Mine. It has a long and sometimes dark history.   Name: Chuquicamata Lat, Long: -22.28727,-68.901543 Location: Calama, Antofagasta, Chile  
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Bingham Canyon Mine

Bingham Canyon Mine, Herriman, Utah, USA
    Bingham Canyon Mine is the largest open-pit mine is the world, providing mostly copper. It has been in production since 1906, and has resulted in the creation of a pit over 0.97 km deep, and covering 770 hectares. It was designated a US National Historic Landmark in 1966.  ...
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The Big Hole, Kimberley

The Big Hole, Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa
    The Big Hole, Open Mine or Kimberley Mine (Afrikaans: Groot Gat) is an open-pit mine in Kimberley, South Africa, allegedly the largest hole hand-excavated. More info here.   Name: The Big Hole, Kimberley Lat, Long: -28.739060, 24.758526 Location:  Kimberley, Northern Cape, South Africa  
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