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Volcano Gunung Eruption

Volcano Gunung Eruption, Langkat, North Sumatra, Indonesia
    Is this an eruption or just some clouds atop the volcano?   Name: Volcano Gunung Eruption Lat, Long: 3.166312,98.393726 Location: Langkat, North Sumatra, Indonesia  
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Volcano, Lake, Island, Ocean

Volcano, Lake, Island, Ocean, Sakhalin Oblast, Russia
    This is weird. In the ocean, there is an island. On that island, there is a lake. In that lake, there a volcanic island. Wow.   Name: Volcano, Lake, Island, Ocean Lat, Long: 49.352414,154.707729 Location: Sakhalin Oblast, Russia  
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Emi Koussi

Emi Koussi, Tibesti Mountains, Sahara, Chad
    Emi Koussi is the highest mountain in Sahara.   Name: Emi Koussi Lat, Long: 19.793333,18.551667 Location:  Tibesti Mountains, Sahara, Chad  
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