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Those Famous Scuba Guys

Those Famous Scuba Guys, Bergen, Norway
    We have all seen these two guys dressed in diving suits. Here are the exact coordinates of where they were trolling the ‘nine eyes’.   Name: Those Famous Scuba Guys Lat, Long: 60.360884,5.369329 Location: Bergen, Norway  
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Dispose Of That Body Now!

Body disposal in the Netherlands
    Looks like a guy is about to dispose of a body. Less romantic spectators believe this guy is playing with a dog…   Name: Dispose Of That Body Now! Lat, Long: 52.376565,5.198321 Location: Almere, The Netherlands  
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Pink Mountain

Pink Mountain, Kamchatka Krai, Russia
    Similar to yesterday’s post, but quite a distance from it. Some believe this is an optical effect causing snow to look pink.   Name: Pink Mountain Lat, Long: 57.039236,158.354133 Location: Kamchatka Krai, Russia  
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