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Turkish Flag in Cyprus



Lest the Greek forget.


Edit: Thanks to the comments, the words on the left are Ne mutlu Türküm diyene (English: How happy is the one who says “I am Turkish”). See this for more info.


Name: Turkish Flag in Cyprus

Lat, Long: 35.282902,33.376891

Location: Cyprus


Turkish Flag on Cyprus

6 thoughts on “Turkish Flag in Cyprus

  1. MKWCTgamer912 says:

    There are words on the left saying, “Ne Nutlu Turkum Oiyene”.

  2. oguzmergun says:

    Isnt it too normal to a country have its own flag on its own territory ? whats wrong ?

    1. helen says:

      Cyprus is not turkish. Cyprus has been conquered by the Turks.

      1. Lel says:

        It doesn’t matter Im from Cyprus and I think they should unite all together they killed all of our people and don’t even wanna reunite what a disgrace

        1. Lel says:

          All of my Turkish family were killed children and teens i think it’s time to reunite.

  3. emre says:

    The north side of Cyprus is a republic called “KKTC” “North Cyprus Turkish Republic.” And it is their flag, not “Turkey” flag.

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