Strange Large Splash in Otherwise Calm Lake

    I have no idea what this splash is, captured in a lake in Gold Coast Parklands... but it surely looks weird and cool!   Name: Strange Large Splash in Otherwise Calm Lake Lat, Long: -27.959103, 153.386209 Location:  Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia     Submitted by Scott.

Student Lawn Art

    Seems like college students cannot come up with a more elaborate form or field art.   Name: Student Lawn Art Lat, Long: -37.761766, 175.275452 Location: Fairfield College, Hamilton, New Zealand       Submitted by Caleb Jaggard.

Boat with Two Helipads

    This boat is not appearing on Google Maps, but you can easily find it on Google Earth.   Name: Boat with Two Helipads Lat, Long: 25.154158, 55.164003 Location: Dubai, UAE       Submitted by Nicolas.

Military Base

    Name: Military Base Lat, Long: 33.452202,-112.592259 Location: Buckeye, Arizona, USA  

Ordos (Eerduosi) Ghost Town

    This tonn in Inner Mongolia was built to allow for new people to settle in. Designed to house 1 million people, it is mostly empty today with only 20,000 inhabitants.   Name: Ordos (Eerduosi) Ghost Town Lat, Long: 39.600411, 109.781114 Location:  Eerduosi, Neimenggu, China  
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