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Salt Ponds in Qinghai

Salt Ponds in Qinghai, Gasi Kule Lake, Haixi, China
    These green bodies of something look like salt evaporation ponds… At any rate, Gasi Kule Lake is salty.   Name: Salt Ponds in Qinghai Lat, Long: 38.073490, 90.998652 Location: Gasi Kule Lake, Haixi, China  
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Cargill Salt Ponds

Cargill Salt Evaporation Ponds, Newark, California, USA
    Cargill salt evaporation ponds, also known as San Francisco Bay Salt Ponds are very colourful. They feature colours from green to orange to bright red. Such change in colour is caused by algae and shows the salinity of water; green indicates lower salinity than red or orange. These ponds are...
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