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UFO Base Entrance

UFO Base Entrance, Antarctica
    Conspiracy theorists are convinced this is an entrance to an underground UFO alien or Nazi base, covered with a metal dome or canopy. Less passionate observers are inclined to think this is a natural cave.   Name: UFO Base Entrance Lat, Long: -66.60353,99.719914 Location:  Antarctica    
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Sri Yantra Geoglyph in Oregon

Sri Yantra Geoglyph in Oregon, Princeton, Oregon, USA
    Sri Yantra as 13 mile long crop circle (or, better to say, geoglyph) in the bottom of a dried-out lake, which allegedly appeared over a very short period of time in 1990. It is not visible today, which fuels conspiracy theories about the aliens imprinting it...
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HAARP Site, Gakona, Alaska, USA
    The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, is a magnet to conspiracy theorists. One argument that ‘proves’ there is indeed a conspiracy is in the screenshot below. What are they hiding, one ponders, looking at semi blurred aerial image. Anyway, more info here.    ...
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